My name is Panos Macheras. I am an IT Architect working for Microsoft Consulting Services since 2008 but the content of this blog and the opinions expressed in it are my own. My main interests are Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure management (the key word here being “main”).

Technology has always been something that fascinated and inspired me since getting my first PC (an Amstrad PCW 8256) way back in 1988. My blog is about sharing my experiences working with enterprise customers on engagements ranging from Private Cloud implementations to Windows client deployments and Active Directory migrations.

I will also occasionally blog about IT Pros in general and their place in a “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. I am a firm believer that the shift to Cloud Computing will blur the lines between an “administrator” and a “developer”. In my view in order to stay relevant in this brave new world you have to be willing to embrace things out of your traditional domain of knowledge and this is exactly what makes this era interesting for me.

You can also follow me on Twitter where I am mostly curating links to interesting “stuff” I happen to find on the internet (with a few opinions thrown here and there) whether those are about gadgets or about science.


Panos is an IT Architect for Microsoft Consulting Services since 2008. He spends most of his time working with enterprise customers to assist them in architecting, implementing and adopting Microsoft technologies.

He got his Physics B.Sc. from the University of Athens and an M.Sc. from Athens University of Economics and Business on Information Systems.